al Khayyam Cinema


Amman, Down Town

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One of the oldest cinemas in the capital, al-Khayyam Cinema, it was established in the beginning of 1947 when the two al Fayoumi brothers Abdul Razzaq and Abdul Ghani opened a cinema on King Faisal Street in front of the Arab Bank building. Its name was: Al Fayoumi Studio Cinema. The cinema was only a floor in that building, and after two years, they decided to move and build a new separate building of their own, and this al Khayyam Cinema Building was built in 1949. 


Later, others bought the Fayoumi Studio Cinema, and its name became "Al-Firdaws Cinema", which lasted for several years before turning it into a café. After that, "al-Fayoumi Cinema" was also bought by Mahmoud Abu Qura Company, which he renamed it al-Khayyam Al-Kubra Cinema (al Khayyam Grand Cinema) after the name of the street in which the cinema building is located (you can click on map marker).


During the fifties, sixties and even the early seventies, al Khayyam Cinema reached its peak. A year after its opening, in the 1950's, King Abdullah I attended the movie "The Prince of Revenge" at the al Khayyam Cinema, where there was a royal area.


It was visited by a number of famous Arab actors. Among them: Rafiq Al-Subaie, who came to it on one of the holidays, and attended a movie of his appearance, and Adel Adham also attended, when he was on a visit to Amman at the invitation and hosting of the Al-Ahly Circassian Club, and he also attended a movie of his appearance. In the seventies, Nour al-Sharif and his wife, came to Amman on one of the holidays as well, they attended a movie for their appearance.


The turnout for the cinema decreased - as happened with the rest of the cinemas in Amman - since the eighties and during the nineties, until it was completely closed at the beginning of the millennium.


In addition to its importance in the cultural and social history of the city of Amman, al Khayyam has acquired - and still do - great architectural importance. This is because of its facade, which is following the style of "Cubism School", which is based on the simple geometric shape in the design.


It was originally intended to be cafe, but it became a cinema, and it was a cinema for families later on. It did not become that way. The queue was at the end of the street (one of the street residents narrates this) and it showed Arab, Indian and Karate films. The ticket fee was only 3 - 6 piasters. Today, The building suffers from neglect and deterioration!