Jordan Museum


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Goal of the museum The Jordan Museum aims to be a jumping off point for visitors to entice them to explore the cultural sites and cities in Jordan. As a museum and research centre, The Jordan Museum intends to enable its guest to experience Jordanian culture and history in a lively contextual setting. The exhibition spaces anocpassses much of The Jordan museum’s 10,100 sqm building and covers 1.5 million years of Jordanina history and archaeology, starting from the Paleolithic (Old Stone Age), linking to the present, and projection into the future. Within three main Chronological Flow Galleries (Archaeology and History, Traditional LIfe, Modern Jordan), The Jordan Museum tells the story of Jordan both chronologically and thematically, utilizing graphics, over 2,000 artifacts on loan from the Department of Antiquities, and specially designed materials. About the Museum The idea of a National Museum that would present the treasurers of Jordan’s archaeological and cultural heritage was first raised in the 1906’s. In 1980 HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal held the first international Conference on the History and Archaeology of Jordan at the University of Oxford, where conferees recommended the establishment of a “National Museum''. He founded and chaired the society of Jordanina Culture in 1989, which worked on issues that developed into general concepts for the museum.